Friday, 12 November 2010

North West Carp Blog

I've moved this blog and renamed it the 'North West Carp Blog'. Here are some of the best entries on the new site, please feel free to pay a visit as all my new work is published there.

Basic Carp Hair Rig

D Rig for Carp

Line Aligner Carp Rig

Leadcore Carp Rigs/Leaders

Making Lead Fishing Weights

Tiger Nuts for Carp

Maize for Carp

Chick Peas for Carp

Groats for Carp

Finding Winter Carp

2007 Winter Carp Diaries Start Here

2008 Winter Carp Diaries Start Here

Fishing for River Dee Carp

Fishing for River Weaver Carp

Capesthorne Hall

Richworth Linear Fisheries

Yateley Sandhurst Lake

Acton Burnell Carp

Walton Hall Park

Selby 3 Lakes

Moon Phase Peak Fishing Days 2008

Viper Icon Bait Boat

JRC Stealth Brolly

Insect Repellents for Fishing

Tackle Box for Carp Pt1

Carp Tackle Box Pt2

Kryston Silkworm

Bankside Entertainment

Trakker A-Lite bivvy

Keeping Warm in Winter

Carp Hooks


Looking for Lures?