Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Carp Fishing - The June Weather!

Well we've had the wettest June since records began!. I can't believe how much rain has fallen over the last month, I seem to have managed to get soaking wet every weekend in June.

As a result of the persistent and heavy rain the fishing in the Cheshire and Shropshire areas has been patchy to say the least. I've personally been without a bite for over a month now, not something you expect at this time of year!.
I seem to recall the weather forecasters saying we'd be in for an exceptionally hot summer...yeah right!.

I'm hoping the rainfall will ease off towards the weekend as I plan to be out fishing on Saturday night and I'd like to stay dry this time. I'd welcome some of those balmy summer evenings sitting in a t-shirt watching the carp cruise around because the constant rain is really wearing a bit thin now.

I'll add a couple of weather links to this site over the next few months, its always handy to check the forecast prior to going fishing, I tend to do this the day before I go fishing as the forecast is a lot more accurate.

Edit - better late than never I suppose! I use metcheck for my weather forecasts these days and I've now added a metcheck box to the navigation structure on the right hand side of this and every page on this site. All you have to do is enter your postcode in the box and click the forecast button. A new page will automatically open giving you the weather forecast for your particular post code, I use this box myself before every carp fishing session.

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